Trekking/river expedition in Nepal

October, 20 - November, 7, 2019

This amazing and life changing trip is for all curious and adventurous people who are not afraid to go outside their comfort zone and want to experience something exciting and new!

This kind of trip me and Maria from Havsgymmet did last year, we lived in a tent, paddled on our SUP boards on a mighty Kali Gandaki river, surrounded by beautiful Himalayas.. We woke upp at the sunrise at the different places along the river and saw an amazing full moon some of the evenings. And what a wonderful feeling to sit at the camp fire after some hours of paddling and eat a the dinner with your paddle friends, listening to the Nepalese songs and watching the beautiful sky full of bright stars with a Milky way on it.. Just Magical.. And how proud and impressed we were at the end that we actually managed to paddle this river, so we didn't want this journey to end..

After the river expedition Maria went for trekking for 5 days and it was an amazing breathtaking experience as she told to see those beautiful mountains around you..Those amazing pics below (Mountains Annapurna and Mardihimal) are taken by Maria!

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