SUPerGYM and you support Covus!

SUPerGYM and you support Covus!

I am happy to announce that from November 2019 SUPerGYM and you as a customer support Covus and their important work for better mental health among young people.

Young people are the future - although many suffer from mental health issues in silence, which is why we need to act now!
I want to spread the word about what Covus does to change the situation in our society.
I want to show that vulnerability is a strength!
I want to make a difference! And now you as a customer make a difference too!

5% of the fee you pay for a SUP activity will be donated to Covus. Together we can make a huge difference for those who lost the ground under their feet and help them to find their place in this Universe.

Isn't it great! You feel good paddling on the lake and do good for someone who needs help.

Read more about what Covus does here or on and on my website under the tab Partners.