SUP Yoga

Yoga on a paddleboard is more challenging and a better full-body workout than in a studio. The wobbly surface makes the practice more of a
challenge and works the core harder. Additionally, nature is relaxing since: Vitamin D helps your body function more efficiently, natural light
normalizes your sleep schedule, being in nature causes you to unplug and center your mind, it helps your brain to recharge, it lowers stress
hormone levels, fresh air improves blood pressure and reduces stress, oxygen affects your sense of well-being, natural bacterias boost
serotonin levels, and physical activity increases endorphins.
And it’s so fun too!

A calm and meditative class that improves your balance and strength and calms your mind!
This class is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve balance in the body and mind and get rid of all stress.

The class is sutable for all! NO previous yoga or SUP experience required!

Bring a water bottle.

Time: app. 1 hour 30 min (including short introduction on land and app.20 min paddling to the place)

Age: 16 and up

Maximum 7 participants.