From December 2018 I am leading mostly Restorative yoga classes at Veda yoga studio (Idrottskliniken City, Växjö).

I’am so grateful for the opportunity to work at Veda yoga and be able to share my passion for yoga with all amazing people.

Restorative yoga a deep relaxing and recovering yoga with focus on deep rest and the best support for whole the body with different props. We stay in each position between 10-25 min so the body and the mind can rest and recover from stress, burnout, fatigue, pain.

This yoga looks simple but is very powerful: when we let our body and mind to slow down and rest we let our energy go to our vital organs, such brain, heart, stomach, lungs instead for muscles. Restorative yoga lowers blood pressure, blood sugar, improves sleep, digestion, improves lymph flow and immune. It helps the body to heal and recover faster from stress, fatique, burn out, pain.