My name is Anna and I’m running SUPerGYM in Växjö! I like nature, traveling, adventure and exercise and making people happy. I run SUPerGYM from August 2015. Around Växjö there are plenty of beautiful lakes and my vision is: to introduce Stand Up Paddle, SUP yoga and fitness to all curious and active people, show how fun, rewarding, relaxing and/or challenging a paddle tour or a class can be! I want to help people to discover a new form of exercise, where you train your whole body and mind while having fun and enjoying a beautiful scenery! I want to share my passion for SUP and Yoga. If my passion can make people happier and feel good and wanna come back when my mission is accomplished! Nothing can compares with this amazing feeling of happiness when I see huge smiles on my clients faces and their eyes shining with joy, self-confidence and pride after a SUP class or tour! I am a certified Yoga, SUP yoga and SUP teacher, have certificates in first aid and CPR.