Vulnerability is a strength!

I'm so happy to announce SUPerGYM's collaboration with - an organization that encourages young people to be vulnerable with a purpose of drawing attention to mental health issues and how we can improve the situation for many people.
WHY am I supporting COVUS?
Young people are the future - although many suffer from mental health issues in silence, which is why we need to act now!
I want to spread the word about what Covus does to change the situation in our society.
I want to show that vulnerability is a strength!
I want to make a difference!
From November 2019 you will also making a difference!
By booking a SUP activity with me you will donate 5 % of it's fee to Covus and their important work for better mental health.
Together we can improve the situation for many people and help them to find the ground under the feet again.
I'm looking forward to several events together with Covus 2020 season! (SUPer Hero Race, yoga classes and Stand Up Paddle classes).
In 2020 those events will be free for all, the only thing you need to do to participate is to become a member in Covus.
Of course all donations are welcome too.
NOTE: Make a difference by buying something in the Covus webshop, if you use the code SUPERGYM30 you will get a 30% discount.
Keep an eye on my Facebook, instagram and website!
More info coming soon!