Vulnerability is a strength!

I'm so happy to announce SUPerGYM's collaboration with - an organization that encourages young people to be vulnerable with a purpose of drawing attention to mental health issues and how we can improve the situation for many people.
WHY am I supporting COVUS?
Young people are the future although many suffer from mental health issues in silence, which is why we need to act now!
I want to spread the word about what Covus does to change the situation in our society.
I want to show that vulnerability is a strength!
I want to make a difference!
I'm looking forward to several events together with Covus this season! (SUPer Hero Race and a workshop where we are going to talk about Covus' important work and Stand Up Paddle of course! Incomes from these events will go to Barncancerfonden and Covus)
NOTE: Make a difference by buying something in the Covus webshop, if you use the code SUPERGYM30 you will get a 30% discount.
Keep an eye on my Facebook, instagram and website!
More info coming soon!