SUPer Food

Everyone knows how important it is to eat healthy food to feel good.

In 2015, I have decided to become vegan and the only thing I regret now is that I didn’t do it sooner!

I feel much more stronger and have more energy than before. I came to this insight with the help of my clever daughter and by reading the facts and watching films about how destructive and abusing meat and milk/egg industries are to our planet and how inhumane and cruel they treat animals to satisfy people’s habit of eating meat.

A vegan diet affects your health in many positive ways: you minimize your risks to get a stroke, heart attack, high blood presure and diabetes. You simply replace all protein from dead animals with healthy zero cholesterol plant based protein from beans, lentils, soy etc..and just after a few weeks you will notice that your weight will drop, your skin will improve, you will feel more energetic and alert! Plus the feeling that no innocent animals had to suffer and die and you make a difference for saving our planet from global warming will make you feel even better! For everyone who lives an active life and wants to achieve harmony in the body and mind it’s natural to be awake of what you put in your body and how it impacts our environment. I hope you will be inspired by this page and will choose to go vegan too!

Here I will put some links to vegan dishes, recipes and other useful, healthy and inspiring information.

Check out GoodShop’s FB page: your local vegan shop in Växjö.

Other good links: and, there you can find a lot of tips, recepies and inspiration!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about living a vegan lifestyle or need some tips about vegan products, stores and recepies!