SUP Fitness


  • Train your balance, strength, endurance while having fun and enjoying nature?
  • Get rid of negative stress and find inner peace and calm in the sunset glow?
  • Experience a SUP adventure and have fun with friends and colleagues in our beautiful surroundings?

Then Paddlefit SUP Fitness class is the perfect workout for you!

Here is your chance to get introduced to the world of PaddleFit and it’s training program through a fun and challenging introductory fitness class. It will give you a taste of many benefits of training on the water that include: board skills, balance, endurance, strength and focus. Now is the time to start on your path to get on the water and achieve your training goals. This class is designed to accommodate all skill levels but participants must have some prior SUP experience.

In a 60 min of this Fitness class you will get a very good workout for your whole body. Training on a SUP board means that you are actively working with all muscle groups. After a short warm up on land we will do strength and cardio exercises in intervals, finishing with stretching on board.

Bring a water bottle.

Included in the price: all SUP equipment.

Time: 60 min

Age: 16 and up

Maximum 8 participants.