Tech 1 – paddle technique

PADDLEFIT TECH 1 – improve your paddling skills!

PaddleFit Tech 1 is a paddling technique class and your first step in learning the proper technique. Learning proper technique is beneficial for many reasons including increased performance, injury prevention, making SUP a core workout and enhancing your enjoyment of SUP. During the 1,5-hour lesson you will learn proper paddling fundamentals in a fun and friendly atmosphere. No matter where you are on your SUP journey this class will help you paddle properly. This class requires that you have tried SUP before and know the basics, or did a Basic 1 or Basic 2 classes with me.

Time: 1,5 hour

Age: 16 and up

Maximum 7 participants.

Classes outside Växjö – minimum 4 participants. Additional fee for driving to the place will come.

Included in the price: a SUP board, a paddle, a leash, and a life jacket.